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Year Selected: 2012

The most current data year is the default, but you may choose to view graduation rates based on previous years’ data.

Please use caution interpreting graduation rate data for schools with small numbers of freshmen attending full-time. Schools with fewer than 30 full-time freshmen may have graduation rates that fluctuate from year to year. Under the Similar Colleges section, please refer to the “Number of Full-Time Students in the Freshman Cohort” variable in the Retention and Progression Rates tab, and then the Grad Rates Over Time tab.

2012 Four-, Five-, and Six-Year Graduation Rates

Six-Year Graduation Rates Over Time

2012 Six-Year Graduation Rates: Overall and by Race/Ethnicity and Gender

2012 Six-Year Graduation Rates
vs. Comparison Groups

2012 Six-Year Graduation Rates
vs. Comparison Groups For